Hello hello I am Rovei, So I want to do a table in the artist alley in Katsucon! I heard that registration is open from today (August 29th) to… September 1st. I really really really really want a table and I’m looking for someone to do a table with me! If you’re interested, please please please send me an ask!! Also it would be really nice if you had experience with having a table because this is my first time in a con ever!!!!! Anyway, here are some of my art! I hope that you guys will think that it is worth your time. I plan to make more if I get in of course, and I can only improve from here, right?

If you want to see more of my art, please tell me and I’ll link you some more! I’m pretty sure that a lot of the art that I’ll have will be Tokyo Ghoul, Kill la Kill, and whatever shows I watch in the next few months. Thank you and if you want to know anything else, REALLY FEEL FREE TO ASK ME STUFF I DON’T BITE. ?

If I ever date someone I want to ask them all the childhood stories not because I’m sad that I don’t know their pasts but because I friggin love stupid stories like that one time when I was 7 I shook the Korean president’s hand in Hawaii and told him to please start running the country well.


Sometimes I wish I can draw more art for my art blog bc my art blog is full of old art that I’m too lazy to delete and I don’t wanna post anything other than my art in fear of it turning into something like a hedgehog appreciation blog.

I think we went over this before.

Okay so I just saw this video and wow I’m really really pissed. Because his logic is flawed in so many different ways and he doesn’t have the slightest idea of what being a homosexual is like.

First “logic”: “I compare homosexuals with pedophiles because homosex— I think a pedophile is one of the only things that disgust a homsexual as almost as much as a homosexual disgust a straight person.”

Excuse me????????  So what you’re saying is that you’re going to compare me to what you’re disgusted with so you can show me how much you’re disgusted with me. How does that even remotely make sense. I’m going to compare Christians to Muslim extremists because Christians hate Muslim extremists as much as I do? What? Please. Think before you speak. (Disclaimer: I do not hate Christians. I dislike Christians that are extremists and push their religions on other people, but I’m not like “oh you’re christian so I automatically hate you”).

Second “logic”(since this was multiple sentences on multiple parts, gonna summarize): Homosexuals say that homosexuality is innate. Pedophilia may be innate. How can pedophiles be told that they’re wrong and that homosexuality is okay when both of them are innate?

Yes, homosexuality and pedophilia both may be innate. But you know what the difference is? Homosexuality is LOVE whereas pedophilia is a sexual lust. Pedophilia is a PSYCHIATRIC DISORDER THAT MAKE PEOPLE INTENSELY AND IRREGULARLY SEXUALLY ATTRACTED TO CHILDREN. Homosexuality does have sexual attraction too. However, homosexuality is more than just sexual attraction. It is love. It’s also an attraction on an emotional, mental level. Pedophilia HURTS the other party, aka Children, while homosexual love is MUTUAL. And no, homosexual people are not going to hunt you down and make you homosexual too. Yes, maybe we may like a heterosexual person. But the thing is, loving someone is different from blatant sexual attraction. And if a homosexual person sexually assaults a straight person, then it is sexual assault. It is no different from a straight person assaulting another straight person. But that’s not because of homosexuality. That’s because the person is a dick. And sexuality does not matter in sexual assaults. I divert. The point is, homosexuality is LOVE, which means it’s on an emotional, mental, and sexual attraction that is not some uncontrollable sexual attraction. It does not hurt the other party like how pedophilia hurts the other party.

Pedophilia is not banned just because the law said so. It’s because it genuinely hurts children that is subjected to pedophilia. Homosexuality is different. It’s the same as any heterosexual attraction. We just like the same gender. What’s so hard to understand about it. It’s the SAME THING. Everything that a heterosexual person feels when they love their partner— we feel the same thing too. Bizzle is not comparing homosexuality with pedophilia. He is comparing LOVE with pedophilia. That’s what truly fazes me.

We’re not just attracted to our gender because the person has the same sexual parts as us. Just like how heterosexual people are not attracted to everyone of the opposite gender, we’re not attracted by everyone that has the same sexual part as we do. Personality, bonds, interests, and basically everything that attracts a person to another person is involved in our love.

Homosexual people are not different from heterosexual people. We’re the same. If a homosexual person commits a sexual assault it is no better or no worse than a heterosexual person committing sexual assault. When a homosexual person loves, it’s no better or no worse than a heterosexual person loving. Please. We’re the same. We all love. Please don’t make us a monster.